Thursday, May 11, 2017

Any Day Now

By Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr has written several different series of books. She started with Grace Valley, Virgin River, Thunder Point and now is writing Sullivan’s Crossing. Any Day Now is book two of the Sullivan’s Crossing series (What We Find was the first book). If you want a story that has the best ending with the appropriate amount of conflict and in a setting/community that you would move to in a minute, these are the books for you. Sullivan’s Crossing is a campground and store/cafĂ© in the mountains of Colorado. The heroine of this book is Sierra, Cal’s thirty year old baby sister (Cal and Maggie are the focus of the first Sullivan’s Crossing novel). She has had an extremely hard year by the time she decides to move to California and live near her brother. Slowly she reveals her past year to her brother, Sully (Cal’s father-in-law and the owner of Sullivan’s Crossing; Sierra lives at Sullivan’s Crossing) and her new boyfriend Conrad (aka: Connie). I have enjoyed everything I’ve read by Robyn Carr (I’m pretty sure I read them all); if you are a fan, you will love this one. If she is a new author for you to try, you will not be disappointed.

~ Beckie H.

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