Wednesday, February 24, 2010


by Stuart Woods

Kisser by Stuart Woods finds Stone Barrington juggling more woman than even he can handle. There's the actress, spoiled heiress, lady detective and the federal DA. Shots are fired, sexual romps, and dinner at Elaine - the usual Stone scenarios. Stone Barrington fans will not be disappointed.

- Rochelle

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why My Third Husband Will be a Dog

Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog
by Lisa Scottoline

I had never read one of Lisa Scottoline's novels, but this book's cute cover and humorous title caught my attention. Let me assure you this is not a husband-bashing book. (Even though she does refer to her exes as Thing 1 and Thing 2) The book is a collection of essays excerpted from Lisa's "Philadelphia Inquirer" columns. Many of the chapters are laugh-out-loud funny. She writes about motherhood, love, men, and Spanx. Yes, Spanx. Her take on these undergarments is hilarious. ("Like slipping into a tourniquet")

This book is full of wisdom, quirkiness, and down-to-earth anecdotes of the trials of everyday life. A really fun read.

- Kathy

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Irish Country Girl

An Irish Country Girl
by Patrick Taylor

Mrs. Maureen Kincaid is housekeeper to Dr. Fingal O’Reilly and his assistant, Dr. Barry Laverty. They live in the village of Ballybucklebo, Ireland. While preparing Christmas dinner for the doctors, Mrs. Kincaid, affectionately known as Kinky, invites the Christmas carolers in for a snack and decides to tell them a story about her past. The story centers around the O’Hanlons neighbor, Connor MacTaggart, and the Dubh Sidhe (dark faeries) and what happened when he cut down a Blackthorn tree and ignored the advice of Kinky’s mother.

Kinky, like her father, was an excellent storyteller and had entertained the children with her tale. When the children finished their snack and left for home, Kinky continued with dinner preparations. The story she told brought back memories of her childhood and family traditions. While preparing dinner, Kinky couldn’t help but reminisce about her past, family, and when she met her husband.

Patrick Taylor is a great seanachie (storyteller) because of the way he mystically presented Kinky’s life story. Hopefully his storytelling will continue with another sequel.

- Rose

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

La's Orchestra Saves the World

La's Orchestra Saves the World
by Alexander McCall Smith

Lavender Stone, "La", moves to a quiet Suffolk hamlet to try to recover from a broken marriage and a broken heart. When war comes, she wants to help and finds herself working on a small farm feeding chickens.

Knowing that music can brighten the mood even in war-time, La pulls together a rag-tag orchestra.

Meanwhile, she meets Felix, a Polish refugee and flutist. La finds that she can love again but the war gets in the way.

This historical novel brings life to England, La, and her colorful companions during WWII.

- Dixie