Monday, June 24, 2019

Fan Girl

by Rainbow Rowell

This is a must-read for true geeks.  If you love books like Harry Potter, if you want movie storylines to never end, if you love fanfiction of any genre, if you love cosplay or comicons, you need to read this.  The main character is a popular fanfiction writer who goes off to college and has to deal with growing up.  Her world has changed and she is starting to live her own life, despite wanting to cling to her fictional stories.  Like any fic writer, she has real-world problems:  bipolar father, drunk sister, in love with her roommate's ex-boyfriend... So you get angst, conflict, boy-meets-girl-loses-girl, and a heavy dose of what fanfic is.


Friday, June 14, 2019

I Owe You One

Image result for i owe you oneBy Sophie Kinsella

Another girl meets boy story but this one has a delightful twist. Fixie Far is someone that just has to fix “things” when she sees that something needs to be done; that’s how she got her name. This book is read by Fiona Hardingham; she does a wonderful job reading this unique love story. You won’t want to stop listening (but you have to or you may be late for work!).


Monday, June 10, 2019

The View from Alameda Island

Image result for the view from alameda islandBy Robyn Carr

Being a big fan of Robyn Carr, any time I see she has written a new book I just have to read it. Although this book is not part of one of her series, it follows her style of writing. If you are also a fan you will not be disappointed! Lauren Delaney seems to have the perfect life to the outside world but actually she is perfectly miserable. Her husband treats her like hired help and pops his cork when she tells him she is done being his wife. He drags his feet for months and runs into legal trouble for not paying support. Lauren stays strong and gets the happily ever after she so deserves.