Friday, August 9, 2019

Talk to the Paw

Talk to the Paw - Used (Very Good) - 1496712161 by Kensington Publishing Corporation | Thriftbooks.comBy Melinda Metz

Jamie Snyder is thirty-four and single but NOT ready to mingle. After suffering through The Year of Horrible Men, Jamie's ready to celebrate The Year of Me--and MacGyver, of course. MacGyver is an adorable tabby with a recent habit of sneaking out at night and stealing things from the neighbors. MacGyver knows his human is lonely. He can smell it. It's the same smell he's noticed on their neighbor David, a handsome young baker who's tired of his friends trying to fix him up. But now MacGyver's on the case.


Monday, August 5, 2019

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter

Image result for The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of ClutterBy Margareta Magnusson
This book reads like a chat with your grandma; sweet, gentle, but practical advice.  Magnusson talks about the importance of holding onto the memories, not the stuff you collect through life. She chats about her own items that she is currently living with and how she did her own joyful death cleaning before moving into her one bedroom apartment. This was all after a very full life of traveling and raising children with her loving husband along with her successful career as an artist.  
She also talks about how it’s important to talk to multi generations about what to do when one passes.  She wisely suggests how to sensitively chat with your friends, kids and grandkids, or parents and grandparents on how to death clean before actually passing on so there is less stress for the loved ones left.  This was inspire by several unexpected and expected experiences death cleaning for her family members and her ruminations on each process. She gives insight on what it’s like to break down a life by the items one had and how to give items a new home. She does this all in an invigorating, fun, and uplifting manner that finished with a smile.

Friday, August 2, 2019

War Storm (Red Queen #4)

War Storm (Red Queen Series #4)

 Victoria Aveyard

No battle is won alone, and before the Reds may rise as one, Mare must side with the boy who broke her heart in order to defeat the boy who almost broke her. Cal’s powerful Silver allies, alongside Mare and the Scarlet Guard, prove a formidable force. But Maven is driven by an obsession so deep, he will stop at nothing to have Mare as his own again, even if it means demolishing everything—and everyone—in his path.