Thursday, April 25, 2013

Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank (DVD)

It's hard to know where to begin discussing Robot and Frank. It is a social commentary about aging, dementia, public libraries and ethics. Set in the near future, it is a story about an aging jewel thief who is given a robot by his son. The robot's only directive is to help Frank with his memory loss. Frank then teaches the robot to steal. Frank has a crush on the local librarian who is deleting all the books that are left. They are making way for the virtual library experience.

This charming movie has social satire with biting humor but ultimately it is about families. I can't recommend this movie enough. It has something for everyone.


Monday, April 1, 2013


by Robert Crais This is a stand-alone suspense novel by Robert Crais. It takes place in Los Angeles and starts out with 2 police officers being attacked by a group of masked men. Officer Scott James was severely wounded and his partner killed. While Officer James physically recovers from his wounds, he is suffering from PTSD as he returns to his new duty as a K-9 officer. It turns out that his K-9 partner, Maggie, a beautiful German Shepherd, is also suffering from PTSD after serving a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The attack against the 2 police officers was never solved. Officer James is being shunned as damaged goods by the LAPD as he works on his own to solve the crime. The story moves along nicely and is, refreshingly, only 300 pages. I enjoyed the fast pace and the growing relationship between Officer James and Maggie. ~ Linda