Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Keeping the Castle

By Patrice Kindl

A YA book

Althea accepts the fact that she must rely on her wits and beauty to catch and marry a wealthy man in order to support her family and retain the family’s tumbling down castle for her younger brother. There is a decided lack of such suitors in her small 19th century Yorkshire town, and she managed to bungle the closest prospect. The new neighbor, Lord Boring, is a likely candidate, but his bungling cousin keeps getting in the way, and her stingy step-sisters must be tricked into paying for a new roof (with the help of some healthy rats).

~ Sue

Monday, October 29, 2012

San Miguel

By T.C. Boyle

Off the coast of California lies San Miguel Island. It is a harsh, rainy, hilly piece of land suitable only for raising sheep. The author creates a tale of the lives of 3 women who lived on this desolate little island.

The novel has 3 parts. The book starts in the 1880's and tells of island life into the 1940's. It centers on the satisfactions and frustrations of the women who live at different times on San Miguel. Some enjoy the rugged life, others do not. Their stories are gripping, the characters real, and the writing is beautiful.

~ Kathy

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Darth Vader and Son

By Jeffrey Brown

A Children's & YA Book

While this book is listed in the children's graphic novel section, it can be appreciated just as much by a Star Wars adult fan. Let's be honest, I was laughing out loud and running off to find my husband to read some of the pages to him. In the book, Darth Vader is going through the usual trials of raising and taking care of his young son Luke--not quite keeping with the Lucas timeline but it doesn't matter. What makes it funny is every page has a reference to one of the Star Wars movies mixed in with well-known banter you have with a child. Any Star Wars fan will love this tiny book. It is such a unique perspective that I haven't seen before in all the Star Wars material out there.

~ Becky

A Confusion of Princes

By Garth Nix

YA Book

Prince Khemri grows up knowing that he, with all his enhanced, nearly immortal powers, will be the next Emperor of the vast Intergalactic Empire. However, when he comes of age he quickly realizes that he is but one of thousands who must compete with and battle each other if he can escape assassination attempts by the other competitors. He survives long enough to be sent on a secret mission where he has to battle aliens and space pirates, meets a young human woman Raine and learns more about the inner workings of the empire and of humanity. Can he escape his destiny? Can he retain what he still has of his humanity?

~ Sue

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Unexpected Houseplant

220 extraordinary choices for every spot in your home

By Tovah Martin

ISBN 9781604692433

This is a wonderful book about alternatives to the standard houseplant. Martin looks at each season and how it affects growing plants indoors. Beautiful pictures help inspire. Part of her creed is about the beauty/appropriateness of the container. Taking a poor looking supermarket item with a plastic pot and finding it a new home that will be the proper setting for the beautiful plant it will become. Some of the plants that are listed, we usually consider for our garden outside. She shows you how to use these beautiful and colorful plants as works of natural art in your home.

I had forgotten how plants can change a home.

~ Rochelle