Friday, May 12, 2017

Waistcoats and Weaponry (Finishing School #3)

By Gail Carriger

Sophronia continues her second year at finishing school in style - with a steel-bladed fan secreted in the folds of her ball gown, of course. Which comes in handy when Sophronia, her best friend Dimity, sweet sootie Soap, and the charming Lord Felix Mersey stowaway on a train to return their classmate Sidheag to her werewolf pack in Scotland. No one suspected what - or who - they would find aboard that suspiciously empty train. Sophronia uncovers a plot that threatens to throw all of London into chaos and she must decide where her loyalties lie, once and for all.


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Miss Julia Weathers a Storm

By Ann B. Ross

Fans of Miss Julia will not be disappointed with her latest adventure. Her husband Sam has the great idea to take family and friends to the beach for an end of summer vacation. He rents a fantastic house that sleeps about 10 people on a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina. Being the hurricane season (and given the title) you know that they are going to be effected by a storm, they have to flee for their lives. But there is something else that they are fleeing from, read and find out what has them threatened.

Every Miss Julia book that Ann Ross has written has be a page turner and a joy to read. If you are not currently a fan, give her a try, you won’t be let down.

~ Beckie H.

The Kingmaker's Daughter

By Philippa Gregory

At the court of King Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth, Anne Neville, daughter of the Earl of Warwick, grows from a delightful child to become fearful and desperate when her father makes war on his former friends. Married at age fourteen, she is soon left widowed and fatherless, her mother in sanctuary and her sister married to the enemy. Anne manages her own escape by marrying Richard, Duke of Gloucester, but her choice will set her on a collision course with the overwhelming power of the royal family and will cost the lives of those she loves most in the world.


Any Day Now

By Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr has written several different series of books. She started with Grace Valley, Virgin River, Thunder Point and now is writing Sullivan’s Crossing. Any Day Now is book two of the Sullivan’s Crossing series (What We Find was the first book). If you want a story that has the best ending with the appropriate amount of conflict and in a setting/community that you would move to in a minute, these are the books for you. Sullivan’s Crossing is a campground and store/cafĂ© in the mountains of Colorado. The heroine of this book is Sierra, Cal’s thirty year old baby sister (Cal and Maggie are the focus of the first Sullivan’s Crossing novel). She has had an extremely hard year by the time she decides to move to California and live near her brother. Slowly she reveals her past year to her brother, Sully (Cal’s father-in-law and the owner of Sullivan’s Crossing; Sierra lives at Sullivan’s Crossing) and her new boyfriend Conrad (aka: Connie). I have enjoyed everything I’ve read by Robyn Carr (I’m pretty sure I read them all); if you are a fan, you will love this one. If she is a new author for you to try, you will not be disappointed.

~ Beckie H.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Magnolia Story

By Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines have put Waco Texas on the map, in a good way, with their hit show Fixer Upper. This book tells how the ordinary work of renovating and reselling houses turned into something much bigger. It also shares some of each of their childhoods and how they met, dated and then married. If you think Chip is funny on the show you need to read this book.

~ Dixie