Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whistling in the Dark

Whistling in the Dark
by Lesley Kagen

A sweet little book about three sisters in the 1950s. It reminded me of my sister and I, growing up. The author is great because she makes you laugh and think, yes, that's how it was. Read this, you won't be disappointed!

- Linda W.

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Mary said...

Hi~ was just looking for info on Lesley Kagen and came across your blog.

I am about 1/2 way through this book and although I didn't go thru the traumas that Sally and Troo did & I was 10 years old in 1975, I certainly can relate to the story.

Maybe part of it is because I was born & raised in Minnesota and Lesley is from Wisconsin ~ and so much is similar in regards to the way she presents herself through her characters, etc.

I too miss so many of the things she describes about that simpler time of my life ~ especially during the summer with my 2 sisters.

If you have not read them yet, may I suggest the 2 books by Sandra Kring:

"Carry Me Home" and
"The Book of Bright Ideas"

(My father, who was in WWII and is NOT a reader at ALL read "Carry Me Home" in less than 3 days and said he absolutely loved it, because not only was she "spot on", but he felt as if the book was really being told from a young boy's perspective....he was 18 in 1943 when he left for Europe and it brought back a flood of memories for him.)

After reading "The Book of Bright Ideas", I was almost mourning the fact that I had finished the book, because I ADORED all of the characters. Sandra Kring, oddly enough, is from Wisconsin as well...lol.

I keep checking to see if she is coming out with another one and so far, no luck.

However, I have pre-ordered Lesley's new book on barnesandnoble.com.

In case you didn't already see it, it's entitled "Land of a Hundred Wonders" and will be available 8/5/08. *does the dance of joy cuz it looks good*

I bookmarked your blog, as I am not a blogger ~ but will continue to check it out.

Happy Reading!!