Monday, March 3, 2008

Dark Tort

Dark Tort
by Diane Mott Davidson

Diane Mott Davidson "cooks up" another murder mystery with Colorado caterer, Goldy Schultz. Goldy is the owner of Goldilocks Catering and has been recently hired to cater for the local law firm of Harahan & Jule, a.k.a. H & J. Just as Goldy enters H & J one evening to start preparing her Chicky Bread for the next morning's breakfast, she stumbles over the dead body of Dusty Routt. Dusty was a paralegal in training and niece to Richard Chenault, owner of H & J.

At Dusty's mother's request, Goldy decides to try and find the murderer, in between catering jobs. Soon, she is knee deep in clues and interesting suspects.

I liked this mystery because it kept me guessing right up to the end. Goldy's recipes are in the back of the book, in case you get hungry. I highly recommend the Chicken Piccata Supreme!

- Ann

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