Friday, December 12, 2008

Izzy & Lenore

Izzy & Lenore: Two Dogs, an Unexpected Journey, and Me
by Jon Katz

Join Jon Katz, former city dweller, now owner of Bedlam Farm, in up-state New York, his rescued Border Collie, Izzy, and new Labrador Retriever, Lenore, on an uplifting tale of love, compassion, and the rich and complex relationships between dogs and their humans. As trained hospice volunteers visiting homes and nursing homes, Katz & Izzy bring comfort and canine companionship to people who most need it. Along the way, the author confronts his past, embraces his current life, and rediscovers the meaning of friendship, faith, and family. Jon Katz has written many other books, of which I will now be reading! I'm hooked!

- Ann

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