Monday, January 19, 2009

An Infinity of Little Hours

Comments from Our Thursday Afternoon Book Club

An Infinity of Little Hours
By Nancy Maguire

It was a typical cold snowy January day last Thursday, but our afternoon book club disregarded the gloomy weather and heated things up with an intense discussion about our latest selection. An Infinity of Little Hours by Nancy Maguire is the tale of five young men striving to become members of the most ascetic monastic order in the world. The author's husband was one of the men attempting to dedicate himself to God by joining the Carthusian order. The book recounts his and the other men's experiences. Our book club was fascinated by the subject matter. The author goes in to great detail and it is an obviously painstakingly well researched book. We agreed that while it promoted great discussion it was not a book that most could sit down and read quickly. It is rather a book that one would read slowly and ponder over. It was a stimulating selection to start off 2009! 4.5 out of 5 coffee cups - Extremely interesting subject matter, but a little difficult to wade through.

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