Friday, August 28, 2009

Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde
by Lisa Scottoline

I have recently discovered the author Lisa Scottoline. What an impressive author! She has written over 15 books and I have had the pleasure of experiencing three of them so far; Look Again, Dirty Blonde, and am now enjoying Courting Trouble.

So far (and I believe that it is true for all her books) her books have taken place in Philadelphia and have to do with lawyers. The three listed above are all quite different and I am going to focus this blog on Dirty Blonde.

In Dirty Blonde, a relatively new Federal Court Judge, Cate Fante, has a very unusual (for a judge) private life that gets her into some trouble with the court. So much trouble in fact that she loses her job. Apparently Federal Judges are appointed for life and job loss just doesn’t happen. I never like to give too much away in a blog, but something that I have noticed about Lisa Scottoline’s writing is that she always has a good twist that you don’t see coming. The “twist” in Dirty Blonde is the “who done it”. You don’t know until the very end.

I truly feel that you will enjoy Lisa Scottoline as much as I have. I plan on continuing reading and will blog about other titles.

- Beckie

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