Monday, January 25, 2010

The Cazalets

The Cazalets
DVD - TV Series

The story evolves around the Cazalet siblings Hugh, Edward, Rupert and Rachel. Rachel is considered a spinster and still lives with their parents. The brothers have families of their own and the responsibility of running the family business.

England is on the brink of war with Germany so the Cazalets retreat to the family’s country estate. While Edward’s family is in the country, he takes full advantage of the situation and continues having affairs. His wife doesn’t have a clue but his daughter knows. Hugh loves his family and is very happily married but tragedy strikes. Rupert’s first wife died and he remarried. His son and daughter despise their stepmother. And . . . Rachel loves another woman!

The Cazalets is an excellent Masterpiece Theater family saga.

- Rose

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