Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Season

Wedding Season
by Katie Fforde

Sarah is a wedding planner, Elsa designs fabulous wedding gowns, and Bron is a talented hair dresser and occasionally creates cakes. They are so busy planning other weddings, the three friends do not have much time for a love life of their own.

Sarah is asked to plan the wedding for a famous actress, Carrie Condy. Unfortunately for Sarah, Carrie and Sarah’s sister pick the same date for their weddings – two months away. The three friends meet and decide they can handle both weddings. In the meantime, Sarah’s sister wants a fairy tale wedding but the budget is limited; and, Carrie wants a fairy tale wedding including the church, and one is not available. The three friends make it happen for both brides but not without chaos and problems, this includes their personal lives as well.

Katie Fford is a gifted writer and can bring out the comedy in any given situation. I even enjoy reading her Acknowledgments!

- Rose

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