Friday, February 11, 2011

Bird Cloud

Bird Cloud
by Annie Proulx

Annie Proulx fell in love with and purchased a section of land (640 acres or one square mile) in Wyoming. This section is 7000 feet above sea level where hurricane force winds and giant snow drifts in winter are routine. She chose this spot as the site for her "dream house", and set to work designing and building a home that would both settle in harmony with the land as well as meet her needs and desires. A more difficult task than initially anticipated, this attempt to make her dream house a reality is the focus of Proulx's book.

There is something of interest for everyone here as the author describes the designing and building of her home, her observations about the wildlife, archaeology and natural history of the region. At times Bird Cloud seems to ramble along with no central theme, but it can be described as a book of many little stories joined by the common thread of the story of the land and the author's determination to create her own place where she could live in harmony with her land and nature.

- Kathy S

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