Friday, April 1, 2011

Minding Frankie

Minding Frankie
by Maeve Binchy

Noel is a drunk and bored with his job. He still lives with his parents but the family relationship is strained. One day, Noel receives a phone call at work from an old flame, Stella Dixon. She wants him to visit her at the hospital. He remembered she was fun and could match him drink for drink. But, the Stella in the hospital ward was very pregnant and dying of cancer. Then she delivers the shocking news, he is the father and Stella wants him to raise the child.

Noel, with the help of his cousin Emily, tries to turn his life around and takes responsibility of raising his daughter, Frankie. Moira, the social worker wants to take the baby away from Noel and constantly checks up on him. The community, even his parents, rally around him and help to take care of Frankie and shield them from the relentless and unyielding social worker.

With all the family and community support given to Noel, will he be able to remain sober, and most important, keep Frankie?

- Rose

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