Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Smokin' Seventeen

Smokin’ Seventeen
by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie’s day starts off on the wrong foot when she runs into Joe Morelli’s Grandmother Bella at the bakery. They had an argument and Bella put the “vordo” curse on Stephanie. Another dilemma for Stephanie is she still cannot decide between Joe Morelli, who is Bella’s grandson, and Ranger. To make matters worse, her mother plays matchmaker and invites Dave Brewer, a former classmate of Stephanie’s, for dinner. Big mistake! He likes to cook and uses this as an excuse to hang out at Stephanie’s apartment, uninvited of course, whenever he wants to use her kitchen or cook for her.

Join Stephanie for a bundle of laughs as she bungles her bounty-hunting pursuits, finds out what the vordo curse is, share her dates with Morelli and Ranger, dodges Dave’s attentions, and tries to avoid being run over by one of Cousin Vinnie’s clients.

- Rose

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