Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
by Danielle Steel

On November 1, people around the world will be celebrating a birthday. For some it will mark a milestone, for others it will be an ordinary birthday. For three people living in New York, this year’s birthday will change their lives forever. Valerie Wyatt has her own television program and is a popular author. She will be sixty but looks much younger due to weekly workouts, plastic surgery, and of course Botox injections. Her daughter, April Wyatt, will be turning thirty and owns a successful restaurant. She is in for a very big surprise on her birthday! Lastly, Jack Adams is an NFL superstar and a successful sports commentator. He woke up on his fiftieth birthday with serious back problems and needs an MRI. All three are brought together by a tragedy that happens before Christmas and changes their outlook on life, love, family, and friendships.

- Rose

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