Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Mist

Red Mist
by Patricia Cornwell

In Red Mist, Cornwell is at the top of her game. At the request of a female prisoner, Scarpetta goes to Savannah for a visit. The request was a lure to manipulate Scarpetta into an investigation that involves multiple deaths taking place over a decade.

Nice to see Cornwell return to more of her earlier style. Great read.


Sarah said...

I heard the interesting interview that Elaine Charles did on her radio show, The Book Report with Patricia Cornwall on Sunday. Patricia said that this year she is going to start filming Red Mist and that Angelina Joelie is going to be playing Scarpetta. Woopy! I can't wait to see the movie.
Patricia said she wasn't into righting the movie scripts of her book that she hands that over to someone else. She also said she is going to take a good rest and then write her 20th Scarpetta novel in 2012.

KWiley said...

Thanks for the concise summary! Most people write novels as their review/summary. @Sarah, that is my favorite radio show! Just so you Ohioans know, the show has yet to be syndicated in your area. But I dont necessarily catch it over the waves every week because you can catch it online at or find it in the archives there afterwards.