Friday, April 20, 2012

A Basketful of Broken Dishes

A Basketful of Broken Dishes: a true story
By Naomi Mullet Stutzman

The author, Naomi Stutzman tells the story of her parents, Simon and Sue Mullet, a couple from Geauga County, who leave their Amish way of life early in their marriage. Naomi is their youngest child and the only child in the family not born Amish.

Even from a young age, Simon struggled with following the strict Amish rules. Simon and Sue marry, both having joined the church making their vows to keep the Ordnung, but Simon continues to question everything. He joins the military, which is forbidden and Sue is now stuck between the Bishops and her husband. Who was she to obey?

Together they set their family free from the bondage of “religion” although their freedom brings a heavy price - the Bann – shunning. Naomi relates how her mother loved unconditionally and lived courageously looking forward to her divine inheritance and how it was hidden in her earthly inheritance, a basketful of broken dishes.



Anonymous said...

This book is an enjoyable read! You will love the stories and the memories that Naomi shares of her parents and her upbringing. What a truly inspirational family! Highly recommend it! Also a great gift!

TheCircleHouse said...

Naomi has allowed us to experience her growing up in an Amish Community while her family was shunned. Tender, funny, endearing stories of a small Ohio town with an observant girl. Thoughtful book to read!

Unknown said...

Sounds very intesting. Looking forward to getting a copy to read.