Thursday, August 9, 2012

Born of Silence

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

The latest of the League series focuses on Darling Cruel, one of the many members of the Sentella (an otherworldly group of ex-assassins out to protect the innocent from a corrupt intergalactic government). While the story could be read without the previous novels it would be more enjoyable to know the background of the characters first, so starting the series from the beginning book is highly recommended.

Darling's character follows the same storyline that all the League Assassins have, which is the physically abusive past, secret assassin double life, and the girl who betrays him. The interesting twist is we have previously been led in the other books to believe that Darling is a homosexual, and this book gives us the intricate story of what Darling's true preference is. While the basic underlying story is almost a carbon copy of the previous books, Kenyon still is able to make it exciting enough to keep reading and rewards us with a jaw-dropping ending.

I loved it!

~ Becky

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