Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Band of Sisters

By Cathy Gohlke

It’s 1910 in New York City. Maureen O’Reilly is running from a difficult and shameful life in Ireland. All she wants is to have a respectable job and to care for herself and her younger sister. Joshua Keeton is a young man from her hometown who sails to America on the same ship and wants to help and watch out for them. Maureen doesn’t want to depend on anyone else to succeed. She finds that not only is it a struggle to get through Ellis Island, soon she discovers that their benefactor is deceased and his family wants nothing to do with her. Maureen falls into a trap of lies to secure a position at a department store, only to learn that it is a front for a human trafficking ring. She finds herself in a very dangerous position and she has to step out in faith to trust Joshua and her new friends to help her and her two missing co-workers.

~ Dixie

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