Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic

By Emily Croy Barker

Nora Fischer is definitely having a bad week.  She is struggling with the final pieces of her dissertation; her boyfriend of four years has just announced that he is marrying another woman; and, to top it off, she has just spent a miserable weekend at a friend’s wedding in the mountains.  In an attempt to shake she wanders up the mountain  for an early morning walk, gets lost, and walks through  a portal into another world.  Nora is transformed from an average looking grad student into a stunning beauty with fabulous new friends and is married to a handsome prince.  Or is she? 

When the elegant veneer shatters, her magical world becomes a dark and dangerous place.  Saved from a horrifying fate by a reluctant, mysterious magician with a troubling past, Nora must learn “real magic” to survive.

I loved this story, and the writing flows beautifully from the first few pages.  This unreal world feels very real, and is populated by such deeply imagined characters that I stayed up for several nights reading.  I can’t wait for the sequel, which is in process.

~ Sally

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