Friday, September 26, 2014

The World According to Bob

by James Bowen

When I saw this book it was waiting to be re-shelved with the other new books.  The cover caught my eye.  I looked it over and thought it might be interesting but it was the second book written about Bob, so I decided to read A Street Cat Named Bob first.  These two books were wonderful, very uplifting, very amazing.  The relationship between Bob, a street wise cat and his owner James Bowen is extremely strong; they have saved each other’s lives in many ways.  This brutally honest book describes the life of one time homeless drug addict.  James turns his life around with the help of a cat that would have died if James hadn’t felt he was worth saving.  These two are such a hit in England (and around the world) that there are numerous images and YouTube videos available on the internet and there is talk about a movie.

I am strongly recommending these books, even if you don’t like cats (how could you not like cats?) you will still find these books astonishing.


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