Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Attachments: a novel

By Rainbow Rowell

Love this author's name! She is a well-known, award-winning author of young adult fiction and has written a couple of novels about adults. Attachments takes place in late 1999 at a newspaper headquarters in Nebraska. The main characters, Jennifer and Beth, work as a copy editor and movie reviewer, respectively. Though they know their emails are being monitored by their publisher, they persist in carrying on personal email conversations. Lincoln, who still lives at home with mom and can't seem to kick-start his post-college life, is a new hire whose job is to read the employees email and warn them when the email is used inappropriately. Over the course of months, Lincoln can't stop himself from reading the exchanges between Jennifer and Beth and begins to fall in love with Beth, whom he's never seen. This is such a sweet story with excellent character development. I liked all three characters and the plot was well-paced and almost believable. A fun read!

~ Linda

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