Friday, January 23, 2015

Yes Please

by Amy Poehler (audio book format)

      The latest comedienne to join the ranks of memoir-writers, Amy Poehler doesn’t disappoint. At times hilarious and at times poignant - Amy offers up entertaining reflections on her career, her family (growing up and presently), and child-rearing to name a few. She offers insight into some of our favorite moments with her on Saturday Night Live, as well as those more recently on Parks and Recreation. Joining the fun are guests including Seth Meyers and her parents, as well as “cameos” by Carol Burnett and Patrick Stewart. 

     Amy delivers with honest wit, gritty truths, and her trademark cutting humor. Because we enjoy her so immensely as a performer, I highly recommend listening to this book. To hear her is to appreciate the true Amy - as she shares with us not only her human frailties, but true laugh out loud moments. If you are a Poehler fan, this is a must.


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