Friday, August 28, 2015

A New York Christmas

By Anne Perry

It’s Christmas in New York City and Jemima Pitt has traveled with Delphinia Cardew from Britain, who is the bride-to-be of the aristocrat Brent Albright. This wedding will join two very rich families.  Jemima is to stand in for Phinnie’s mother, Maria, who is absent. When Jemima finds out Phinnie’s mother is alive and probably in New York City, she thinks she has a right to know her daughter is getting married and determines to find her. The grooms charismatic brother also wants to find Maria but for different reasons. He convinces Jemima to help him find her and the next thing she knows she is arrested for murder!

Jemima, now out on bail, has to find answers. She meets a handsome young police officer who believes she is innocent. The two search for the truth together and eventually find it and each other.


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