Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trust No One

By Paul Cleave
Audiobook format, 10 CD set

Bestselling-fiction crime-writer Jerry Grey has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia at age 49 - but that is the least of his problems. We first meet Jerry when he is in a police interrogation room confessing to a murder that he has committed. There is a policeman and a beautiful woman in the room with him explaining to Jerry that he is an author and that the murder that he is confessing to is from a scene in his first crime novel: A Christmas Murder. He learns that the beautiful woman sitting next to him is his daughter, Eva.

We learn about Jerry from Jerry during his lucid moments, his deranged moments, and from Jerry in his "madness journal" writing to future Jerry (FJ). Eventually, his pseudonym Henry Cutter begins "talking" to Jerry and we learn about him from yet another angle.

He begins to doubt his sanity as he begins to fear that he may be acting out murderous acts from his books. But is he? This is a riveting story of Jerry's descent into madness as we watch it through his eyes.

The audio version, read by Paul Ansdell, is outstanding - there were times that I didn't get out of my car until I finished a chapter! I will be reading more mystery-thrillers from internationally best-selling author, Paul Cleave.

~ Paula

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