Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Sparrow Sisters

by Ellen Herrick

When Henry Carlyle, the new young doctor, moves to a tiny seaside town, he catches everyone's attention in the tight-knit community--including that of Patience Sparrow, local healer, who runs a garden and nursery with her sisters, Sorrel and Nettie. Patience has a knack for knowing just what people need, whether it be an herb or tincture, or just a good chat, and her moods are revealed through the mystical scents of her garden that seem to follow her around. Just as the two most skilled at mending people begin to grow closer, a tragedy and an accusation against Patience stir up the townsfolk and lead to a legal battle that will reveal where loyalties truly lie. The fears that threaten to tear the town apart--both literally and figuratively--may actually bring everyone closer together. Written with a touch of magical realism, this first novel from Ellen Herrick is rightly called in a review "a haunting, magical, modern-day fairytale. A feast for the senses."


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