Thursday, February 4, 2016

Annie’s Quilted Mysteries

This 12 book series includes:

A Patchwork Murder – by Jan Fields
Raven Threads – by K.D. McCrite
A Midsummer Night’s Seam – by Racheal Phillips
Broderie Curse – by Jan Fields
Innocent Until Proven Quilty – by Donna Kelly
Oceans Selvage – by Jan Fields
A Deadly Pattern – by Liz Penney
Unsavory Notions – by Amy Lillard
Seam of the Crime – by Jan Fields
Celtic Chains – by Donna Kelly
Sab Stitched – by Liz Penney
Unraveled Secrets - by Jan Fields

This series is the type that can be purchased from a book-of-the-month club. I thought it might be something that I would enjoy because it involved quilting and mysteries: two topics that I enjoy in a book. There is only one set in the Clevnet system so it makes it a necessary to wait a bit for the next book. Emma Cotton and Kelly Grace are co-owners of a quilt restoration business in Mystic Harbor, Massachusetts. Fifteen years before the first book takes place their best friend dies falling down a stairway at the college where she worked. Emma always felt it was murder but the police declared it an accident and closed the case quickly. Emma never believed it was an accident and had been trying for 15 years to get the police to reopen the case. She received a clue from a friend and decides to investigate the murder herself with help from Kelly and her Aunt Dottie Faye. The series takes the reader to Europe twice and different locations in the US. I found the books entertaining and wanted the next book as soon as I finished each title. I think you will like this series, give it a try.

~ Beckie H.

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