Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Half-Broke Horses

A True-Life Novel By Jeannette Walls

Jeannette tells the story of her amazing grandmother in this “can’t put down” novel. Lily Casey Smith was quite a character. She was born in 1901 in New Mexico on a large ranch. By age six she was helping her father break horses. At fifteen she was travelling by horse, alone, to her first teaching job - 500 miles away! If something needed to be done, she did it, and if it went wrong, she brushed the dirt off and kept going. Lily didn’t have the word “can’t” in her vocabulary. Throughout her life, she was a mustang breaker, schoolteacher, bootlegger, poker player, ranch wife, racehorse rider, bush pilot, and mother to two children. I enjoyed this book so much, when I finished it the first time I started reading from the beginning and enjoyed it again.

~ Dixie

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