Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Still Missing

by Chevy Stevens
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I don’t mind telling you that this author was recommended to me by a patron. Her comment was that this author has such an impressive style of writing that you realize great empathy for the main character and she is eagerly waiting for Chevy Stevens next book. Because of this patron’s claims, I continued to read this novel despite the fact that this is not my usual type of book. The story really grabs you; very hard to put down.

The story is by Annie as she is in session with her shrink. She is holding an open house for her client; the last prospective buyer shows up just as she was getting ready to close up on what had been a very slow day. After letting him look around for a while, she is just about to wrap up the viewing, the guy sticks a gun in her back and forces her into the back of his van. He forces her to lay down on her stomach then injects a knock-out drug into the back of her thigh. This book has an ending that you would never be able to imagine.


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