Monday, August 9, 2010

Hannah's List

Hannah’s List
by Debbie Macomber

Dr. Michael Everett’s wife, Hannah, passed away a year ago from cancer. The pain of her loss is still deep in his heart and he still misses her. To ease the pain, Michael puts in long hours at the pediatric practice and volunteers at a medical clinic. His brother-in-law, Ritchie, pushes him to start socializing, but Michael just cannot do it. At the anniversary of his sister’s death, Ritchie presents Michael with a letter from her. Hannah wants him to start socializing and lists three women as dating candidates. Of course, he is opposed to this but as Ritchie points out, this was Hannah’s last wish and must be respected.

The story line for Hannah’s List was unusual and the reader is swept away with Michael’s emotions as he embarks on a journey to embrace life.

- Rose

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