Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Child of Mine

By David and Beverly Lewis

Jack Livingston, a successful pilot, has been raising his niece Natalie, since a tragic accident took her adoptive parents. Laura Mast, their Amish nanny, tenderly cares for Natalie as her own.
Natalie wants a mother more than anything in the world. She loves Laura and is actively campaigning for her to become her new mommy. The fact that Laura is Amish and Jack isn’t, doesn’t make much difference to Natalie.

Kelly Maines lost her infant daughter to a kidnapping years ago and has searched for her ever since. Thanks to some friends who are able to help with expenses, she has followed leads for over eight years. It has taken its toll on her health and her relationships.

Now a tip from Kelly’s investigator shows a possible match that points to Natalie. Could this be her long-lost daughter?

~ Dixie

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