Monday, July 14, 2014

The Big-Flavor Grill: no-marinade, no-hassle recipes

By Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby

It's summer, it's warm out, and you don't have to fight your way through the snowdrift to get to the grill! But what frequently happens to me is the lack of planning time when it comes to having to marinate meat before grilling. Often my excitement of the spur of the moment idea that we can grill is dampened by the realization that we will have to marinate the meat for at least a half hour or it will taste boring. This book eliminates the marinade and provides recipes that have you do 3 steps: prep, grill, & toss. The prep stage is mixing a bunch of common ingredients together while the grill heats up, the grilling is just that (grilling the meat with maybe some pepper), and last is the toss stage where you simply mix the cooked meat with the ingredients you combined in the prep. Plus, not all the recipes are for meat, there are potatoes, corn, asparagus, and a neat section of mixed drinks. There were some very tasty recipes in here!

~ Becky

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