Monday, November 3, 2014

A Sensible Arrangement

By Tracie Peterson

Marty Olson answers an ad for a Lone Star Bride. She agrees to marry Jake to escape Texas and the memories of her life on the ranch. Jake needs to satisify the board of the bank he works for, as they believe a man of his position should be married. Both being married before, Marty and Jake agree they are both past the romance and love and this is to be only an arrangement not a true marriage.

While Marty tries to fit into a new social class, things at the bank and in the economy start to fall apart. She doesn’t really like this life but it is keeping her far from Texas. Banks are closing across the country and it could happen to the bank where Jake works. Then where would they go? She does not want to return to Texas. Jake on the other hand is only working at the bank to save enough money to buy a ranch and return to Texas.

As they get to know each other better strong feelings grow between them. Marty should have told Jake her secret at the start. Now she has to tell him and it could be the thing to drive him away!

This is Tracie Peterson’s 100th book and also book #1 of the Lone Star Brides series.

~ Dixie

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