Friday, May 22, 2015

Born of Defiance

Born of Defiance (9)By Sherrilyn Kenyon

For those of you following Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Born of” League series, this is the latest book.  I had thought the last couple were getting a bit stale in the storylines (but still worth reading), but this one was just as exciting as her first novels of the series. Defiance takes place in the world of the Andarions, but doesn’t reference Hauk other than by name.  It seems to be just before the early Nykyrian timeline and fills in a few blanks about how the royals and politicians came into power and a little about Nyk’s brother Jullien. If you don’t have Nykyrian’s story fresh in your mind you may want to revisit Born of Night before reading Defiance.  If you have never read any of the series, this is not the book to start out reading.  If you need additional clarification, check out  Otherwise, League followers enjoy this latest installment!


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