Monday, July 25, 2016

Ink and Bone: The Great Library Book 1

By Rachel Caine
The first in a trilogy

In a world where the Great Library of Alexandria is more important than anything else (including human life), the Librarians are the keepers of the books and defenders against burners and smugglers. Only the best and brightest are accepted into library training, one of which is postulate Jesse Brightwell, the sixteen year-old protagonist from a family of smugglers. As print books are too special for the common man, only one physical copy of each book is kept in the world within the Great Library. People of the world carry blanks on which to read electronic copies of books. Because of their value, physical books are a highly stolen commodity. While there is no magic in the world of the Library, there is alchemy.

This book is for readers who enjoy:
Books about libraries & books; fans of The Book Thief & Harry Potter; alternate history fans (with a bit of steampunk).

The audiobook version was incredible and I am looking forward to reading (or listening to) the second book.

~ Paula

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