Thursday, March 16, 2017

Break Away Amish Growing Up with the Bergholz Beard Cutters

By Johnny Mast

This book, written from the perspective of the grandson of the Bishop in charge of the Bergholz community, details Bergholz turning from a loving, Amish community to an isolated, cult-like community. The grandson explains how he saw small changes enacted Bishop Sam Mullet escalate to bigger changes. When he witnessed some stark situations that shook him to the core, he realized just how far “across the line” the community had travelled.

Johnny Mast’s willingness to testify against family members and loved ones in court attests to his own emotional compass. The actions of the community were comparable to that of hate crimes in society. Knowing the Amish steer away from traditional courts and law enforced punishment, it was intriguing to read how the group had to answer for their crimes. This was an educational and enlightening read. It was much easier to read and understand than Renegade Amish by Donald B. Kraybill.

~ Miss Deb

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