Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why I Left the Amish: A Memoir

By Saloma Miller Furlong

Having been acquainted with a few people who have left the Amish, this title piqued my interest. I had read a brief review that this author had made in another Amish-related book and read with interest of her family struggles, ties, and relationships.

This author relays the reasons she found it necessary to leave home. Despite being Amish, her reasons seem to mimic those of other “runaways”: family members, rules, expectations, dysfunction, illness, abuse, and dynamics. The desire for freedom and education forced Saloma to explore the world. The call to come “home” for her father’s funeral created a flood of memories, thoughts, and emotions. The reader can appreciate the detailed discussion of societal norms prevalent with the Amish from this particular church community. The book seems to stop too soon though—perhaps leading to the other work: Bonnet Strings.

~ Miss Deb

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