Saturday, March 7, 2015


By Irene Hannon

This is # 3 of A Private Justice Novel. I have not read the first two but I definitely will.

The story opens with Kate, 3 years after her husband and son are drowned in a boating accident. She buried her husband but they never found the body of her son. She has moved across the country to escape the memories and start a new life. Not that she can forget what happened.

One day at the mall, she hears a young boy use a word that she has never heard any child use besides her son. When she sees the boy he looks just like what she thought Kevin would look like at seven. Now Kate has to find out who that boy is.

Kate is prepared to be brushed off when she goes to a private investigator because all the detectives and policemen dismissed her concerns back in New York. One detective, Connor, is skeptical but he agrees to take the case. As he looks into things, he sees that some things are just not adding up. This starts an investigation and a potential romance.

~ Dixie

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