Monday, March 9, 2015

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

By Karen Joy Fowler
Audiobook format

As a child, Rosemary was an extreme talker so her father, to get her to move the story along, asked her on a regular basis to “start in the middle”. So, this story starts off a little differently. Rosemary tells the listener that she is going to start her story in the middle.

There is a little twist to this story that can be discovered if you read the back cover of the audiobook case; I would have preferred NOT to know this information so I will not tell you at this time. Parts of this story are quite sad. Rosemary is separated from her sister Fern when she is only six years old. She really cannot understand why Fern is gone, but this becomes very clear by the end of the book. I really enjoyed this book (even though some hard facts are put out there) give it a try, you may enjoy it, too.

~ Beckie

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