Tuesday, March 17, 2015


By Ruth Reichl
eBook format; also available in print and audio

This is the first novel written by former restaurant critic and non-fiction writer, Ruth Reichl. It details the life of Billie Breslin, a 20-something girl just out of college hired to write for a famous food magazine named Delicious!. Billie, a bit timid and disheveled, has trouble with relationships as she must learn to overcome some of the past traumas in her life in order to move forward. Living her life in her sister's shadow has left Billie with little confidence in her own special abilities. 

The language is rich with the tastes and smells of Billie's experiences in New York with her new sophisticated friends.

My favorite part of the story is the discovery of the secret room located in the library on the top floor of the Delicious! building where the magazine's former librarian had shelved dozens of World War II letters from a young girl named Lulu to legendary chef James Beard. Lulu and Mr. Beard developed a special friendship as they shared recipes (and advice) that helped them both get through wartime.

I think this book will appeal to fans of NYC culture, foodies and librarians. The reviews by NPR and the New York Post are not complimentary, but I really enjoyed Delicious! and I hope that you will give it a chance, too.

~ Paula

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